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On-line Folders allow for fully automatic processing with easy online control through plot software, and are ideal for medium to high print volumes.

ES-TE 2400

Entry-level online folding system for almost any printing system. Computer-aided folding of large-format copies and plotter drawings, fully automatic. Ideal for small to medium quantities. The documents for folding must not be wider than 36.6″ but can be of any length. Documents longer than 236″ are folded in sections of 22 fan folds. Cross folding is possible to a maximum document length of 8.2 ft after re-feeding the fan folded sheet. Output formats in accordance with DIN, ANSI or ARCH* sizes. The transfer table of the estefold 2400 is very easy to move. In the vertical position it provides ample clearance to change the paper rolls on the plotter. The transfer table also has a standard option of manually feeding documents into the folder and has a catch bag for unfolded documents.

The serial interface means that the estefold 2400 can be conveniently controlled from the PC using optional plotter software. Simply select the folding program and output type of the documents and they are directly transferred to the system by the plotter. Automatic format recognition feeds the sheet into the folder in the correct positional arrangement. Errors in the printing or folding process are immediately reported and analyzed.


  • Interface: serial RS 232
  • Paper feed: automatic/manual
  • Folding speed: up to 59 ft/min
  • Folding programs: eight primary/eight cross
  • Paper length: 8.3″/16.5″ – unlimited
  • Paper width: 11″ – 36″
  • Paper weight: 16 – 28 lb Bond
  • Feed height: 25.6″ – 33.5″
  • Power: 115/230 V; 50/60 Hz; 6A/3A
  • Weight: 365 lb
  • Folding standards: DIN 824, AFNOR, US sizes etc.


Acrobat ES-TE 2400 Brochure (PDF)



ES-TE 4211

Heavy-duty folder with adjustable bridge and direct online connection to almost every plotter and copying system on the market. Excellent performance at three
speeds: 13 ft/min, 27 ft/min and 50 ft/min. Computer-aided folding of large format copies and plots. Fully automatic, so it can run overnight, for example. Ideal for medium to high print volumes. It handles all document sizes up to 36.6″ width and 19.6 ft long (8.2 ft for cross-fold). Folding to standard DIN formats as well as ANSI and some ARCH sizes.

The bridge of the estefold 4211 is perfect for easy adjustment to the outlet height of copiers and plotters.The bridge can be set vertical to allow access to the back of the printer.

The estefold 4211 can be operated from the user’s PC (via a serial connection). Just select fold style and finishing options and the system will do the rest. The position of drawings is checked automatically, and error messages report any faults in printing and folding.

The infinitely adjustable feed rail ensures precision folding, with or without edges, even during manual feed. At the touch of a button. Any documents not for folding can be stacked on the bridge by the flat sheet stacker (option).


  • Online interface: serial
  • Paper feed: automatic/manual
  • Folding method: roller + blade
  • Folding programs: 8 fanfold/2 cross fold
  • Paper length: 8.3″/16.5″ – 19.6 ft
  • Paper width: 11″ – 36.6″
  • Paper weight: 16 – 28 lb Bond
  • Stacking: up to 50 E
  • Panel width: 7.5″, 8.5″, 9″
  • Dimensions (l x w x h): 58″ x 65.6″ x 47.7″


  • estefold 4211-4 – up to 13 ft/min
  • estefold 4211-8 – up to 27 ft/min
  • estefold 4211-15 – up to 50 ft/min


Acrobat ES-TE 4211 Brochure (PDF)

Acrobat ES-TE 4211-HP Brochure (PDF)




estetabhf11Perfect finishing for packages 8″ or 8.5″ in width. The applicator cuts and feeds tabs automatically. The tab adhesive is long lasting and peel resistant. The fan folded package travels along the guide rail and is aligned at the stop. Automatically the tab is precision applied to the last panel of the package. The proven fully automated solution that makes every large format document ready to file. Prepunched filing strips made of indestructible plastic are attached to the last panel of every document. They literally last forever. All filing strips are cut from easy-load rolls of 140 lb kraft board, white or transparent plastic. These rolls are 656 ft long, sufficient for 1800 documents.


  • Paper feed: manual
  • Long lasting peel resistant tab
  • White or Transparent plastic tabs
  • Rolls up to 656′ long for 1800 documents


Acrobat View ES-TE Tab Applicator (PDF)